Hey there, here are Florian & Lucas.

We founded Seikatsumi because we love the Japanese Culture as much as you do!

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Seikatsumi is a brand where Florian and Lucas share travel tips, food and fasion trends we share expert tips and keep you informed about the latest Japan trends.

Seikatsumi is a modified word from seikatsu, which describes everyday life in Japan. Through our blog, we want to bring readers closer to life in Japan and introduce them to the Japanese art of living.

Lucas and Florian are close friends and have found a common passion: Traveling. But both are particularly fascinated by Japan and its culture. Both came up with the idea of sharing their experiences and ideas with others and bringing the Japanese way of life closer to people who share the same interests. That’s why they started this blog: Seikatsumi!

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Florian was already enthusiastic about Japan and the local culture as a child. He is particularly fascinated by the architecture, landscape and local food. Thanks to his expertise in Japanese culture and his daily research, he is always up to date on fashion and travel trends.

From an early age, Florian has been interested in the way of thinking and everyday life in Japan and the attitude to life created by the culture there.

Florian is responsible for writing the blog posts and managing the website at Seikatsumi.

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Much like Florian, Lucas got involved with Japanese culture at an early age and expanded his knowledge about over the coming years. Due to his academic studies and work, he was able to visit Japan and experience the daily life firsthand. From then on, he decided to showcase Japanese culture to a wider audience together with his best friend Florian.

Lucas is in charge of the social media aspect at Seikatsumi, handling social media management.