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Our editorial principles are outlined below. If you believe we haven’t adhered to these standards, please reach out to us at contact@seikatsumi.com or through our contact page.

Our Approach to Reporting

  • We present stories as accurately as possible, without utilizing AI technology. For more on our stance, please refer to our Anti-AI Policy.
  • When sharing information that may not be publicly available or could negatively impact an individual or organization, we seek their input.
  • Post-publication, if we receive new information, we will update or publish a new article as needed, focusing on timeliness, relevance, and helpfulness. Independent experts review our content regularly to ensure high quality.
  • If alerted to potential factual inaccuracies, we will verify and correct errors.
  • We offer the right to reply to anyone mentioned in a story, fostering fairness and open dialogue.

Sourcing and Attribution

  • We verify information from sources, whether named or anonymous, and protect their identities. No monetary compensation is provided to sources.
  • When reporting on information initially from other publications, we prominently attribute and link back to the original work.

Professional Engagement

  • In our interactions with stylists, experts, publishers, and other entities, we maintain professionalism.
  • If a company discontinues communication (commonly known as ‘blacklisting’), we uphold our reporting standards independently.
  • We refrain from discussing such matters publicly unless there is a compelling editorial reason to do so, preserving the integrity of our publication.

Advertising and Commercial Activities

  • Our editorial and advertising divisions are separate. Editorial content is independent and not influenced by commercial considerations.
  • Our advertising team follows principles of fairness, honesty, and transparency in dealings with advertisers.
  • We do not accept ads with automatic audio or offensive content. Inappropriate ads are promptly removed. Contact us if you find ads not meeting these criteria.
  • We occasionally include retailer links (e.g., Amazon) that may generate commissions. These links do not affect our editorial decisions and are presented neutrally.


  • Seikatsumi is owned by Blum and Steffes NicheLink GbR, overseeing various brands and websites.
  • Ventures under NicheLink operate independently of Seikatsumi’s editorial department.
  • We disclose any association when covering NicheLink activities, and editorial decisions remain free from commercial influence.
  • All NicheLink staff and collaborators adhere to these editorial policies.