Japanese Car Sticker Set – 50pcs JDM Racing & Vintage Style

14,99 $

Rev up your style with our Japanese Car Sticker Set. Perfect for racing fans and anime enthusiasts, this collection of 50 unique PVC stickers adds a dash of Japanese flair to your belongings, from stationery to tech gadgets.

  • Japanese Car Sticker Collection – 50pc Set for Racing Enthusiasts!


  • Dive into the world of Japanese racing with our exclusive 50-piece Car Sticker Collection! Originating from Mainland China, these PVC stickers feature vibrant, waterproof designs perfect for customizing phones, scrapbooks, and more. Each sticker, about 7cm in size, showcases a unique blend of Japanese modified racing, anime, and creative aesthetics. Whether you’re adorning your stationery or personalizing your belongings, this versatile collection adds a touch of Japanese flair to your everyday items.


  • Key Features:
    • High-Quality Material: Made from durable PVC with a glossy finish, ensuring longevity and resistance to water.
    • Versatile Use: Ideal for decorating phones, notebooks, and scrapbooks, or for adding a creative touch to personal items.
    • Unique Designs: Each pack includes 50 distinct stickers, featuring a mix of Japanese racing themes, anime art, and aesthetic motifs.
    • Reusable & Sustainable: The stickers’ PVC adhesive allows for repeated use without losing stickiness, promoting sustainability.
    • Special Offers: Discounts available for purchases of 2 or more packs, plus additional deals for our fans and followers. Keep an eye on our store for new product updates!