Japanese Sticker Set – 50Pc Peace Amulets & Carp Streamers, Waterproof Decals

5,99 $

Bring a touch of Japanese artistry to your everyday items with our 50-Piece Japanese Sticker Set. Perfect for customizing and personalizing gadgets and gear, these waterproof, vibrant carp and amulet decals are a must-have for anyone who loves unique and aesthetic designs.

  • Add a Splash of Japanese Charm to Your Items with Our 50-Pc Carp & Amulet Japanese Sticker Set!Transform everyday objects into pieces of art with our Japanese Style Sticker Collection. This set of 50 stickers, featuring enchanting carp streamers and peaceful amulets, brings a unique aesthetic touch to your belongings. Made for the creative at heart, these waterproof decals are perfect for personalizing laptops, skateboards, and more, making your items stand out with an artistic flair.


  • Key Features:
    • Japanese-Inspired Designs: Each sticker in the set showcases a blend of traditional and modern Japanese art, from serene amulets to vibrant carp streamers.
    • Waterproof and Durable: Crafted with high-quality materials, these stickers resist water and fading, ensuring your designs stay bright and intact.
    • Wide Application: Ideal for a range of surfaces such as laptops, skateboards, and water bottles, offering a personalized touch to your items.
    • Vivid Colors & Intricate Details: The stickers are printed with rich, eye-catching colors and detailed designs that capture attention and admiration.
    • User-Friendly: Easy to apply and remove, these stickers provide a hassle-free way to refresh your style whenever you desire.


  • Experience the charm and quality of our Japanese Style Sticker Set and make your personal items uniquely yours!